1.56 Bifocal Flat Top Photochromic Gray HMC Optical lenses

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With the demands of modern life, the role of color-changing glasses is not only to protect the eyes, it is also a work of art. A pair of high-quality color-changing glasses, with appropriate clothing, can foil a person’s extraordinary temperament. Color-changing glasses can change according to the intensity of ultraviolet light and make its color change, the original transparent colorless lens, encounter strong light irradiation, will become colored lenses, to do protection, so suitable for indoor and outdoor use at the same time.

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Place of Origin: Jiangsu Brand Name: BORIS
Model Number: Photochromic Lens Lenses Material: SR-55
Vision Effect: Bifocal Coating Film: HC/HMC/SHMC
Lenses Color: White(indoor) Coating Color: Green/Blue
Index: 1.56 Specific Gravity: 1.28
Certification: CE/ISO9001 Abbe Value: 35
Diameter: 70/28mm Design: Asperical

A bifocal lens

Features: Two focal points in a pair of lenses, and a small lens superimposed on a normal lens; For presbyopia patients to see far and near the use of alternating; The upper is the distance luminosity (sometimes flat), the lower is the reading luminosity; The distance degree is called the upper light, the near degree is called the lower light, the difference between the upper and lower luminosity is add (external luminosity);

Advantages: The presbyopia patients do not have to change glasses when looking near and far.


Production Introduction


As the name suggests, a bifocal lens has two photometric lenses, the far primary lens and the near secondary lens. According to the distribution and shape of the sub-lens, it is divided into one-line double light, flat top double light and dome double light. Bifocal lens can take into account both distant and near vision, but there is a clear separation line, will let the wearer feel like the existence of jump, so after the emergence of progressive multifocal lens, has been gradually replaced. Here we focus on progressive multifocal lenses.

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Production Process

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