• 1.59 PC Progressive Photochromic Gray HMC Optical lenses

    1.59 PC Progressive Photochromic Gray HMC Optical lenses

    The color-changing lens is based on the principle of photochromatic tautometry reversible, the lens can quickly darken under strong light and ultraviolet light, block strong light and absorb ultraviolet light; After returning to the dark, the lens quickly restores the colorless and transparent state to ensure the transmittance of the lens. Therefore, the color changing lens is very suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, especially in the outdoor environment to prevent strong light, ultraviolet, glare and other damage to the eyes, suitable for outdoor more, eyes sensitive to light stimulation, reduce eye fatigue. After wearing color-changing glasses, you will see more naturally and comfortably under strong light, avoid compensatory movements such as squinting, and reduce the fatigue of eyes and muscles around eyes.