1.56 Bifocal Round Top Photochromic Gray HMC Optical lenses

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The bifocal glasses are mainly suitable for the elderly to use, and can achieve near and far vision. When people get old, their eyesight will decline and their eyes will become senile. And bifocal glasses can help the elderly to see far and see near.

The dual lens is also called bifocal lens, which mainly includes flat top lens, round top lens and invisible lens.

The lenses of bifocal glasses are required to include hyperopia diopter, myopia diopter or downlight. Distant pupillary distance, near pupillary distance.

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Place of Origin: Jiangsu Brand Name: BORIS
Model Number: Photochromic Lens Lenses Material: SR-55
Vision Effect: Bifocal Coating Film: HC/HMC/SHMC
Lenses Color: White(indoor) Coating Color: Green/Blue
Index: 1.56 Specific Gravity: 1.28
Certification: CE/ISO9001 Abbe Value: 35
Diameter: 70/28mm Design: Asperical

According to the principle of photochromic reciprocal reversible reaction, it can quickly darken under sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, fully absorb ultraviolet light, and absorb visible light in a neutral way; Back to the dark place, it can quickly restore colorless transparency. It is mainly used in outdoor, snowy and indoor workplaces with strong light sources to prevent eye damage caused by sunlight, ultraviolet light and glare.


The color changing lens can adjust the color changing depth with the intensity of ultraviolet light. The stronger the ultraviolet light is, the darker the color is. On the contrary, the weaker the ultraviolet light is, the shallower the color will become transparent.The principle is that silver halide particles are added into the lens raw materials, and the silver halide is decomposed into halogen ions and silver ions under the action of ultraviolet light to change color.

Production Introduction


1. The speed of color change: When a good color change lens encounters ultraviolet light outdoors, the color change speed is relatively fast, and it also fades quickly indoors.

2. Color change depth: the stronger the ultraviolet ray of a good color change lens is, the deeper the color change will be. The color change of a general color change lens may be relatively poor.

3. A pair of color changing lenses with basically the same degree or membrane changing lenses, and the color changing speed and depth of the two lenses are basically the same. There should be no case of one with deep color change and one with light color change


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