1.56 Progressive Photochromic Gray HMC Optical lenses

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Optical color-changing lenses belong to daily glasses, indoor office, outdoor sports, can be worn. Especially go out on vacation, extreme workers in the beach, snow or tropical, photography, tourism, fishing enthusiasts, middle-aged and elderly people or eye photophobia, need to wear sunglasses myopia, indoor outdoor activities frequently alternate teenagers, the pursuit of fashion young groups.

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Place of Origin: Jiangsu Brand Name: BORIS
Model Number: Photochromic Lens Lenses Material: SR-55
Vision Effect: Progressive Coating Film: HC/HMC/SHMC
Lenses Color: White(indoor) Coating Color: Green/Blue
Index: 1.56 Specific Gravity: 1.28
Certification: CE/ISO9001 Abbe Value: 35
Diameter: 70/72mm Design: Asperical

When choosing color-changing glasses, the functional characteristics of the lens, the use of the glasses, personal requirements for color and other aspects should be considered. Photochromic lenses can also be made into a variety of colors, such as gray, brown and so on.

If it is as a vision correction glasses, must often wear, the best choice of light red lens, because light red lens absorption function of ultraviolet light is better, and can make the overall light intensity reduction, so the wearer will feel more comfortable. Some lenses with UV inhibitors are more suitable for outdoor workers because of their strong blocking effect on UV rays.

Grey and brown lenses can absorb a lot of ultraviolet and infrared light, but the transmittance of visible light is low, so they are more suitable for shading.

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Optical color-changing lenses adjust themselves to the light and quickly change from transparent indoors to a comfortable dark outside. Block harmful ultraviolet rays, protect eyes, improve visual comfort. The color changing lens can adjust the color changing depth according to the intensity of ultraviolet light, the stronger the ultraviolet light, the darker the color, and the weaker the light to transparent.

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